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Jun 18, 2019

Are you "Living The Dream"?


Let's see what Google thinks it is. We found a dictionary result at the top of the page: To experience the achievement of every success that one has aspired to achieve, especially from a career.

Quora says: "doing what you want to do… or… living the type of life you want to live without any regrets. achieving all your goals. Enjoying the fruits of your labour. Being in real life now who you had wished to be when you were younger."

While these definitions are just a few of many,

Here's what it means to me...:

"Master Yourself".

That means creating mastery from your passion. That means removing all doubt, fear, stress and focus on building confidence, inspire others and become a 100% "doer, builder, creator".

I read somewhere that 80% of the brain is occupied with fighting "fear" and "negativity" (don't quote me on the number). Basically, it's this: if in a 24 hour period you think anything - it'll be mostly negative. Self-doubt, low confidence and brain waves that send constant reminders of much less you are than others (specially when looking at other's instagram selfies) and how far you still have to go, and much much more!

So stop the self-manufactured negative "I can't do it" and push forward. If you think you want to do something, just DO IT. What's the worst thing that can happen? What's the best thing that can happen? (If the previous is true, it means you'll spend 80% of the time thinking of all the things that will/can go bad - and you'll do NOTHING. And, the cycle continues...)

Check out my crappy video inside a bedroom, with a taped up "white board". I used to care about these things, I don't now.

What changed? I flipped it from "what can go wrong, what will they say" to "Dude, I own this! I'm unstoppable. I seek change, and I'm the only one that can do it. The captain of my own ship, as they say".

So, master yourself - and get to work by picking ONE THING right now and complete it. Then do the next and so forth.

Go Conquer!

Stop the whining. Or at least, catch yourself when you're doing it!


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