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Jon Rognerud, author, entrepreneur and consultant interviews noted experts in entrepreneurship, business building, growth hacking, paid media, sales & marketing. Discover what's working now, apply these strategies for your own business and learn how failures and successes impacted the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. Find out how they beat challenges and got improved results at the same time (that you can model from).
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Jan 31, 2019

In today's episode - learn the insider strategies and NEW thinking on what it takes to massively grow your business in local markets. from the master of local marketing, Mr. Ben Stocks.

Here's a bit on his background:

- Started a business (a gym) at a young age (20) and never looked back
- Had no trouble working long hours with a ton of "manual labor" put in but until he learned marketing he was always STUCK and had no growth in the business
- Learned from the best and continue to, and now he helps businesses (mainly local) 2-10X their revenue using sustainable and predictable marketing strategies

You'll hear about the top issues facing any local business owner and what you should consider before just adding "traffic" to your website and social media assets.

Connect with Ben here:

Broadcast with Jon Rognerud from

Jan 30, 2019

In this episode, I cover 5 funnel frameworks to building your own webinar (VSL style) funnels.

These types of funnels, using webinars or Video Sales Letters (VSL) brings in millions for companies across the globe.  Have you tried these?

We use them for clients too and they are very effective for driving appointments and sales, when done right.

First, you must understand the basic frameworks. Second, pick the one that matches your business optimally, and start driving traffic to it.


You'll also learn about the MVF (minimal viable funnel) - and how adding more value at the top of your customer journey can shorten the user experience, and bring leads and sales faster to your organization.

#chaosmap displays a calendar where you can pick your own time to meet.  If you want us to show you how you can implement this for your own business, we can talk about that. There may be an opportunity.



Jan 25, 2019

More details and transcript on: 

(A bit of audio was cut off due to a mic problem).

Thanks to David Vogelpohl and the entire team for providing such great technology and business leadership!

--- Hi David & Welcome! Please introduce yourself: Awesome, thanks Jon.

I’m the VP of Web Strategy at WP Engine and my role is in leading teams supporting WP Engine’s contributions to WordPress Core, supporting technology partners in the WordPress ecosystem, and I am also the StudioPress brand lead within the WP Engine business.

I’ve been in digital since 1996 and have worked both in-house and owned my own WordPress digital agency.

I have experience leading teams building and optimizing digital revenue strategies across a wide variety of industries.

I’m a regular speaker at technology and digital marketing events where I leverage my technical business background to bring marketing insights to nerds and nerd insights to marketers.

--- What are you working on now, and what are some exciting new things in "digital"?

One of the most exciting things I’m working on now are updates to the Genesis framework and StudioPress themes to help make building WordPress sites easier than ever.

Genesis 2.8 (released in January) includes a demo content auto-loader that turns hours or days of setup time loading demo content into minutes.

Using themes built with Genesis 2.8, users can quickly load in demo Gutenberg blocks and requisite plugins for the kind of site they’re building. The Gutenberg blocks are also re-usable, which makes it easier to use elements again and again as site owners continue to evolve.

I’m excited about Genesis 2.8 and the demo content auto-loader as it helps solve “the most annoying problem on the internet”... “My theme doesn’t look anything like the demo!!!”

On digital trends: One of the more interesting and effective things to emerge in the last few years is account based marketing (ABM) or using retargeting and ad networks to get the right ad to the right person or group of people.

Having the power to put ads in market in this way gives marketers the ability to tailor messages and funnels like never before. Additionally, sales teams and marketers are also more tightly connected than ever.

Through ABM, marketing teams can literally help close the deal with direct and exact knowledge of the stage of the deal and perhaps the right information to present.

Of course with the power of ABM comes great responsibility to make sure you’re getting the right level of consent and being on top of your data retention strategies (in various forms depending on geography) in order to drop the pixels to place targeted ads; however, once you master navigating the waters of consent, ABM can be a powerful arrow in your quiver.

--- In your professional journey, David - what are some BIG learned lessons along the way?

Every one of us is on a non-stop mission to spin plates. We spin plates at home keeping things clean or paying our bills. We spin plates at work keeping our inbox clear, or as leaders.. keeping our teams moving in the right direction.

Early in my career as a leader as I moved from team to team spinning my leadership plate I would spend a lot of time teaching people how to spin the plate “perfectly”, rather than working with my teams to figure out the best way to spin the plate.

The result of this approach was that when I returned to the plate later, things had gotten worse. The plates were wobbling and weren’t spinning in the “perfect” way I left them.

The instructions had gotten lost, processes broke down, and the structure I had left experienced entropy as structures tend to do.

After experiencing degraded plate spinning, I got some advice from a few smart friends and changed my approach.

Instead of focusing on how the plates where spinning, I started focusing on how to support my teams at being better plate spinners. What strategies could they come up with to spin the plates in the perfect way?

The result of this approach was that when I came back to the plates, they had actually gotten better! Now there were 3 plates spinning and laser beams keeping the plates from wobbling.

It was incredible. The lesson I learned was that by focusing on helping your teams evolve their strategic thinking and operational execution abilities, you can scale your leadership impact exponentially and help create the next generation of leaders to help push your business forward.

--- Biggest insight, distinction or takeaway?

Focus on performance as a product.

How your visitors experience your brand is key to you getting them to open up their wallets, click on your ads, or fill out your lead form.

Just remember that in a world of questions, the fastest answer wins.

Read more about the initiatives David supports at  and

Follow David on Twitter at 

Jan 22, 2019

Creating landing pages for your ad traffic is really not that complex. However, most business owners I speak to have no real understanding of the psychology, layout and technical aspects of building highly converting landing pages.

In this podcast, I talk about the essential items you must include to get better converting pages, and that will ultimately result in better quality leads.

The recording was cut short, but if you'd like the presentation and download of the page framework, just reach out to me on

Corporate site:


Jan 17, 2019

If you are the owner or a partner in a professional services business (plastic surgeon, med spa practice, law office, accounting firm, real estate broker, financial planner, management consulting firm, training and development company and any higher end service based business) - make sure you listen to this podcast episode completely!

I'll take you through the most common online problem of capturing essential lead data, and what to do with it. Most often, 80%+ of essential customer, client or patient data is lost because of poor or no follow-up. 

But...that's not the biggest issue still.  It starts by providing a unique, and highly engaged user experience that sets the right expectations.

Listen while I outline the main problem, and solve it by offering different and new ways of thinking, and how to design a funnel experience that your user-base will love! (and so will your chief financial officer)

Original broadcast - Live Facebook:

Get more information here:

Jan 16, 2019

If you are planning your next live events, workshops, seminars, conferences and even webinars, here's how you can sell more tickets using Facebook Advertising. And, you can do it profitably.

I share the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sections, which include the "Social Proof" and "Event Sales".

You'll learn how we matched CRM data and warm targeting with Facebook, and ran creatives directly to an offer that sold over $93,000 dollars in about 7 weeks.


If you'd like some help, we have a free call available right now at

Corporate site:

Jan 13, 2019

In the Facebook ads platform, there are many different types of campaigns and ad types that you can test. Perhaps it's even got you confused.

In today's podcast, you'll hear me talk about "Lead Ads". They are fast and quick to get going, and especially for local businesses, for example in the medical field - plastic surgeons, doctors, med-spas, etc (we do a lot of business in these markets).

I discuss why you might consider lead ads, what targeting options to choose, examples, and also why they are also potentially harmful (imagine that!).

Original video/broadcast:

If you like this, happy to help provide our blueprint and strategies you can use on:

Corporate Agency Site:

Take imperfect action today!


Jan 11, 2019

Today I'm covering the VERY IMPORTANT topic of targeting your perfect customers, client or patient - using Facebook ads.

If you are an advertiser, you know of the Facebook Manager tool, and the many options you have available.

An area that is essential to success with ads, is making sure you're doing the research of your audience, and compile data to get the best targeting options you can. From this, you can test and get results faster. - if you want to see how to use this for your business (it's a FREE call). - if you want to learn more about what we do, services, documents and training.

Facebook LIVE:

Jan 10, 2019

QUESTION: How can you manage, control, deploy & track multi-sourced scripts (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) - when there are so many?

Here is my podcast presentation where you can use my "Manage & Deploy" framework to set this up. (Plus, your webmaster will be happy too!)

Sourced from:

If you need help, visit - it's a FREE call to help you.


Jan 9, 2019

In this episode, I cover the FIVE STEPS you must follow to make Facebook advertising have the most positive returns for your business.

You'll remove the hope and guesswork, and learn the system we use for all our clients.

The research, development, buildout, testing and scaling of ads can be done right when you put these steps into milestones, and finishing them.


For more info, visit the main site at



Jan 8, 2019

BRAND NEW! Today's podcast will share how to think about developing your own advertising and landing page framework to grow your business. Plus, you'll see a fully developed funnel to sell more, as you build good will and share value as an authority leader for your market.

This is geared towards beginners, but more advanced folks will enjoy this refresher.

JOIN US (FREE): - has more free training for you this month, but the clock is ticking, so take action if you want to see how to implement this for your own business.

You can also find us on YouTube at


Jan 5, 2019

Welcome to the Facebook(tm) Ads Lead Gen Framework - Part II.

I talk about how the 5 steps to get your marketing & sales engine is essential to getting your traffic attraction just right.

I also cover the hot and cold traffic opportunities to build audiences on Facebook that you can build ad creatives and copy from.

Now that you have Part 1 and Part 2 in the lead gen framework, you'll have no excuse but to plan it, build it and track the results as you go to launch.

Learn more: and

If you have any questions, please post on the Facebook page.



Jan 3, 2019

PART 1 - This is the first part of a presentation of the Facebook Lead Gen Framework for Ads.

Beginning with the source traffic is the wrong way to look at building out your own lead gen framework.

You have to begin with the end in mind, and Jon explains why this is so important, and then goes through the steps to create the framework. for more information.