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Jon Rognerud, author, entrepreneur and consultant interviews noted experts in entrepreneurship, business building, growth hacking, paid media, sales & marketing. Discover what's working now, apply these strategies for your own business and learn how failures and successes impacted the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. Find out how they beat challenges and got improved results at the same time (that you can model from).
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Sep 1, 2016

Facebook ads and the entire ads platform can seem like hell on earth at times.

In fact, you are probably struggling with the whole idea right now.

As a business owner, marketer and entrepreneur, you’re excited to share your message, your products, your services – your content.

Advertising on Facebook seems like the reasonable thing to pursue, and others have told you so as well (probably even me).

You have heard that advertising done right can turn into profit, but there’s a (BIG) problem.

That beast is preventing you from getting past the barrier and onto the next level.

I talk about that in this episode, and I hope it helps you.

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Aug 30, 2016

Google is the largest search engine on the planet.

Being found atop Google is one of the best strategies for your business. I'm talking about natural or organic search engine results, not paid strategies like Adwords.

SEO (search engine optimization) provides the most trusted click. Users have a "high-intent" purpose to reach their information, and when you are shown high in the results, and they engage with your listing (webpage), you will improve traffic and eventually conversions (sales) when done right.

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Aug 25, 2016

The keys to successful advertising, and especially on the Facebook ads platform does not begin with the tools or the platform itself.

Some of these keys will surprise you. But, this will really help you get clarity on how and where to start.

It's true for most all of online advertising for business growth.

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