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Jon Rognerud, author, entrepreneur and consultant interviews noted experts in entrepreneurship, business building, growth hacking, paid media, sales & marketing. Discover what's working now, apply these strategies for your own business and learn how failures and successes impacted the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. Find out how they beat challenges and got improved results at the same time (that you can model from).
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Jul 26, 2019

I'm super pumped about my interview today!

I have none other than Jason How, an expert marketer and business entrepreneur who runs a successful agency, training and consulting company.

We're coming in live with Jason from Singapore and me in Los Angeles today.

Jason just came back to his home office (Singapore) from a 6-week trip to USA & Canada.

Turn up the volume - and you'll learn why clients seek him out, engage his company and hard working expert team to drive traffic, leads and sales via Facebook, Google and organic media.

Listen to Jason's full story and how he got started, and why he doesn't necessarily recommend taking that approach today.

Lots of golden nuggets here, including Facebook advertising, business strategy development, agency SOPs and things you can do to get started.

Here are some extracts:

Can you tell me a bit about what you do at the company?

We help Education companies get more students by generating enrollment inquiries and appointments. We also make them the prominent choice for students with some wicked smart retargeting strategies.

Filling pipelines with Facebook & digital marketing - What are the steps you take to get started with a new project?

Step 1: Brand search - Google, Bing

Step 2: Retargeting - begin the "know, like, trust" process

Step 3: Deeper engagement - email capture, nurturing, tagging, CRM

Step 4: Reporting - Supermetrics, Google Data Studio, custom reports

One big mistake you made along the way?

Not investing in myself, people, and relationships early enough. Thinking that I could build an empire on my own back. Big mistake and wasted a lot of time.

Where to reach Jason?  (new version coming soon)

If you want to connect with me, reach out here:


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