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Jon Rognerud, author, entrepreneur and consultant interviews noted experts in entrepreneurship, business building, growth hacking, paid media, sales & marketing. Discover what's working now, apply these strategies for your own business and learn how failures and successes impacted the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. Find out how they beat challenges and got improved results at the same time (that you can model from).
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Aug 24, 2019

NEW! NEW! Friday Footage!

WARNING: The Facebook pixel needs to be deployed to your website pages (all) first - before you run this example demonstration.

This setup allows you to track all your conversions for leads into this simple funnel example:

AdTraffic to LandingPage to ThankYouPage

The "ThankYouPage" is what's considered a "lead conversion", and Facebook can track these for you.

If you want more information, or learn how we do this for clients, book a FREE call at:


Aug 20, 2019

Do you look for better ways to do your Facebook live streams, visual interaction with guests and screenshares while getting wider distribution of all your content?

Well, take a look at and

This is a super simple and fast way to get your message out there.

Once it's been set up, you don't have to worry about the tech-y stuff - it's already done for you.

Just make sure you are authenticated on the various platforms, and you're good to go!

Use headlines from John Caple's book - "Tested Advertising Methods". It'll get your head spinning with great ideas! (Plus, you should read it anyway!)

Learn more here:


Aug 10, 2019

Happy Friday! This is a follow-up to a previous Friday Footage where I cover lookalike audiences.

The interface has changed slightly from that podcast (within Facebook Ads Manager) - but the rules and steps still apply:

1) use a base data source that has been proven

2) expand via lookalike audience(s) to build similar members for test in your ad campaigns

3) create new adsets using new lookalike audiences and scale

We use this approach for our clients and in a scalable way.

We had an example of this for our workshop, which you can join for free.

Want to discuss in more detail? Visit