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Jon Rognerud, author, entrepreneur and consultant interviews noted experts in entrepreneurship, business building, growth hacking, paid media, sales & marketing. Discover what's working now, apply these strategies for your own business and learn how failures and successes impacted the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. Find out how they beat challenges and got improved results at the same time (that you can model from).
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Sep 20, 2019

Are you using Facebook ads with Shopify? Good!

That is a great solution stack for your e-commerce business.  The way FB and Shopify works together with ease is mostly a happy dance for marketers and business owners.

But, do you have the right metrics and numbers dialed in?

It's a constant battle (improving numbers, that is), and as you dive into Q4 and the "season for shopping online", you'll want to make sure you're looking at the right numbers/KPI's for your business.

This way, you can optimize and pull more profits out, so you can re-invest smart dollars.

Today's post is all about what specific KPI's you need, and why they are important for your e-business.

If you want to learn more, visit


Sep 13, 2019


So many of you are dealing with Facebook technical issues when it comes to running ads. That includes business strategies as well.

Sometimes, it's out of your hands (eek, a bug!) and you need help, and quick.

Here's the solution:

1) Visit
2) Click "Get Started"
3) Select any of the block images (link)
4) Scroll down and select the "Chat with a representative" option

Warning: If it's a technical/ops issue, they can escalate or very likely fix it right there on the spot. If it's more involved (e.g. a bug) it may be a while, until they push out a platform update.

If you ask the reps about strategic questions on building ads, just keep in mind they are not as seasoned as you.

They are reading from manuals, or have been instructed to push a certain message or goal for the week, month or quarter. (FB is a business)

If you need help or have questions, head on over to:


Aug 24, 2019

NEW! NEW! Friday Footage!

WARNING: The Facebook pixel needs to be deployed to your website pages (all) first - before you run this example demonstration.

This setup allows you to track all your conversions for leads into this simple funnel example:

AdTraffic to LandingPage to ThankYouPage

The "ThankYouPage" is what's considered a "lead conversion", and Facebook can track these for you.

If you want more information, or learn how we do this for clients, book a FREE call at:


Aug 20, 2019

Do you look for better ways to do your Facebook live streams, visual interaction with guests and screenshares while getting wider distribution of all your content?

Well, take a look at and

This is a super simple and fast way to get your message out there.

Once it's been set up, you don't have to worry about the tech-y stuff - it's already done for you.

Just make sure you are authenticated on the various platforms, and you're good to go!

Use headlines from John Caple's book - "Tested Advertising Methods". It'll get your head spinning with great ideas! (Plus, you should read it anyway!)

Learn more here:


Aug 10, 2019

Happy Friday! This is a follow-up to a previous Friday Footage where I cover lookalike audiences.

The interface has changed slightly from that podcast (within Facebook Ads Manager) - but the rules and steps still apply:

1) use a base data source that has been proven

2) expand via lookalike audience(s) to build similar members for test in your ad campaigns

3) create new adsets using new lookalike audiences and scale

We use this approach for our clients and in a scalable way.

We had an example of this for our workshop, which you can join for free.

Want to discuss in more detail? Visit

Jul 26, 2019

Welcome to Friday Footage!

If you'd like to know how to create fast videos with little "work", then today's episode is for you.

For example, if you have a blog already, you can simply pull in your RSS feed and create story-based videos in minutes.

Or, you can copy or create text into this tool to auto-generate smart videos using proprietary AI like technology.

How to do it? We'll cover that today.

WARNING: A tool is just that... a "tool". Make sure you use tools like these with a proper marketing strategy that helps propel what you already have going to the next level.

*** We're going to use today, becoming very popular in the market place! Sign up for a FREE trial.


Want to learn how to create better ads?



Jul 26, 2019

I'm super pumped about my interview today!

I have none other than Jason How, an expert marketer and business entrepreneur who runs a successful agency, training and consulting company.

We're coming in live with Jason from Singapore and me in Los Angeles today.

Jason just came back to his home office (Singapore) from a 6-week trip to USA & Canada.

Turn up the volume - and you'll learn why clients seek him out, engage his company and hard working expert team to drive traffic, leads and sales via Facebook, Google and organic media.

Listen to Jason's full story and how he got started, and why he doesn't necessarily recommend taking that approach today.

Lots of golden nuggets here, including Facebook advertising, business strategy development, agency SOPs and things you can do to get started.

Here are some extracts:

Can you tell me a bit about what you do at the company?

We help Education companies get more students by generating enrollment inquiries and appointments. We also make them the prominent choice for students with some wicked smart retargeting strategies.

Filling pipelines with Facebook & digital marketing - What are the steps you take to get started with a new project?

Step 1: Brand search - Google, Bing

Step 2: Retargeting - begin the "know, like, trust" process

Step 3: Deeper engagement - email capture, nurturing, tagging, CRM

Step 4: Reporting - Supermetrics, Google Data Studio, custom reports

One big mistake you made along the way?

Not investing in myself, people, and relationships early enough. Thinking that I could build an empire on my own back. Big mistake and wasted a lot of time.

Where to reach Jason?  (new version coming soon)

If you want to connect with me, reach out here:


Want to be interviewed on the podcast? Reach out!

Jul 19, 2019

Happy Friday - "Friday Footage" is here!

On Fridays, I typically demonstrate certain software, tech stack and screenshots that can help you dive deeper into technology, systems, websites, media and more.'s the question:

Want to increase your traffic, leads and sales from Facebook advertising?

Many ways to do this - and one of the ways you can do it is with proven source audiences, and to create lookalike audiences from those sources.

You essentially allow Facebook to learn from that source audience, and create similar profiles from that base.

I'll show you how to set up a lookalike audience on Facebook - and explain why LLA's are essential to scaling your Facebook ads campaigns.

Want to learn more or have us help you?



Jul 18, 2019

QUESTION: What does it take to make successful Facebook Ad campaigns?

As you'll learn today, it's not as much about Facebook ads (manager) as it is about your message, market and customer experience. (Ok, fine... the funnel!)

Lots of time is spent on the actual tactics of Facebook ads. The boxes and settings you must choose inside the Facebook ads manager environment, etc.

While they are important, consider the Facebook ads platform as the "engine". You really need the wings + natural lift to make your campaigns take off.


Work on your back end and your funnels - the entire customer experience. That also means that you map out and understand your KPI metrics along the way. You are probably leaving money on the table right now, not having a clear picture of it!

To start mapping, get a free trial here:

(great software to help you in the process)

Here's your next step (It's FREE):



Jul 17, 2019

There's an ongoing discussion about which platform (Google or Facebook) to use. Which one works best for your business, or any business?

We get questions about this often at the agency.

Our simple answer is this: where does you customer, client or patient "live"? Serve them content and ads on those platforms, optimize your funnel and watch your KPI's.

However, it goes deeper than that.

It's about the intent of the audience and your message to market match - for starters.

Today, I'll cover the differences and we'll go through the infographic that ThinkDigi has provided:


Want to discuss B2B media buying for your firm?
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FREE LUNCH & LEARN EVENT: Join my live Facebook business event in Los Angeles on July 23:


Jul 13, 2019

Happy Friday once again!

Have you ever run a webinar or VSL online?

Sure you have.

Well, are you able to track and watch the visitors as they review your webcast so you can improve it (or sections of that presentation)?


Most of the solutions out there don't provide a seamless way to do this.

In today's Friday Footage, I take a look at an example from our own world, and you can see the process for tracking with Wistia.

The big question is this: Where do people drop off during the presentation and what can/should you improve?

Go to:


Wanna talk about webinars and how to drive traffic with Facebook?

Jul 10, 2019

Did you know? To build trust and authority online, one of the best things you can do is to create content that serves your audience with what they are looking for.

That's not enough though. You need to make sure it is "EAT" driven: E)xpert level, A)uthoritative, T)rustworthy".

If you are in the health/wellness space, you can learn a lot from looking at your competitors.


Today, I wanted to take a look at a top "guru" in the health/wellness space, Dr. Weil at (bookmark it!)

What are top 20 rankings (and more) for educational content that he serves from the website?

As you'll see, it's easy to find this with

Here are the steps:
1) Just enter the domain under Organic Research
2) Set up a filter (advanced) to search for URLs containing 'blog'
3) Pick top 20 positions

That's it!

Now you have a model you can use for analysis and create your own evergreen content to support your audience - and know what is already working.


Don't copy. That's just lame. Use it as a guide for your own research and marketing strategies.

Want to talk?



Jul 9, 2019

ASSUMPTION: Here's what you have right now:

A. You know SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and have implemented some of this for your website.

B. You already have keywords ranked and traffic is coming in.

C. But, you want a shortcut to find new traffic quickly so you can grow your business.

There are several ways to do this, but here's a place to start:

1) Find out what keywords are ranked on page 2 in Google
2) Pick the 2-3 best ones (buyer keywords)
3) Apply on-page tactics to rank higher (Title tag, H(x) tags, add related content)

BONUS (important): Link to these pages from within your own website pages (w/keyword/phrase)


Want to talk?


Jul 5, 2019

The CRM/Marketing Automation wars are ongoing, and not stopping anytime soon.

Two of the big players in the small-to-mid market are Infusionsoft (now Keap) and Ontraport.

So, which one is better?

It depends.

On you.

Your goals.

Your direction.

Your expectations.

Listen to my thoughts in today's episode and got to to get a full visual.

Ontraport comparison grid:


Great writeup on platform comparisons from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer:

(Note: Wes also has a quiz here that's good:


Want to talk more about automation and business growth strategies? FREE CALL:


Jul 4, 2019

In 1923 a slender book was published by the advertising agency of Lord & Thomas.

It was called Scientific Advertising and it was the first edition of a significant piece of work for advertisers.

This book has been updated many times over the years - and is available at Amazon. (Links below)

It was written by Claude Hopkins, a genius advertising pioneer.

Many of his works has been updated and republished, so check them out.

"My life in advertising" and "Scientific advertising" are available as a compendium (two books in one) to learn the insights and strategies of a brilliant advertising mind.

Think this doesn't apply to current day? Read the books below before making judgement. You'll see what I mean.

Start reading this weekend:

Enjoy your Independence Day and week.

May the "4th be with you" - as you grow and expand your life and business!


Want to connect and chat?

Jul 2, 2019

Funnels and funnel hacking is an internet "sport" these days.

Anybody who's anybody in the marketing world talks about their latest hack and how much money they garnered.

It doesn't matter if it's total revenue or if 50% is in affiliate fees. The main point is that the FUNNEL is what made them successful.

The truth is, traffic from ads will not work unless you have a well developed funnel that is tested and verified for scale.

But where / how do you start building a funnel, and what tools can you leverage to get this built?

We like funnelytics for the simplicity. Clearly, the strategy is more important, but you can get your visual started with this tool.


Make sure that your funnels are dialed in before your pour more money at the top end.

Want to discuss further?

Visit - and book your time for a quick 15 minute strategy session.



Jun 28, 2019

Humans are visual creatures.

I can certainly speak to that, beats boring text every time!

It's easy to engage prospects in conversation when looking at a visual representation of what you have.

When it comes to presenting marketing funnels and process diagrams for example, there's nothing like using visual objects to quickly and easily present the information.

Most of our clients enjoy seeing charts, diagrams, flowcharts and statistics to understand our business strategies and approach to a problem.

These diagrams can be either static or dynamic (pulled from backend data, realtime).

There are free and paid solutions out there, including more "advanced" software apps like for example (note: recently acquired by salesforce, the acquisition will be completed at the end of Q3 2020)

Here are the ones we have tested, and that you should try:

For marketing funnels:

*** Don't miss this:
Free workshop on mastering events with live ads:

Jun 28, 2019

How can you guarantee sales for your online business?

You need to make sure you cover these areas first:

1) target the right audience, in the right region with your ads and expand with lookalikes

2) message to market match

3) ad copy to landing page congruency

4) landing page user behavior tracking with or

5) A/B test ads and A/B test landing pages

6) Quiz your audience and learn why they're not buying

7) Track everything with Google Analytics and understand attribution

BUT, if you are driving traffic and leads to a professional services business (legal, financial, real-estate, doctors, etc) - then you need a really TIGHT sales process and script (what to say, who says it, when, why, follow ups, etc). Do you have a process developed and are you tracking it?

REMEMBER: Most of the time, it's not your ads, it's your sales process!


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Jun 27, 2019

Did you know: Video and video advertising are not going away any time soon! In fact, if you download the free 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Michael Stelzner, you'll see why:

In fact, videos are a powerful way to present your brand, products and services.

Best of all - you can use videos to shortcut the selling cycle.

The challenge is... how do you design them and churn them out quickly? (Warning: make sure your copy and ads 'speak' to your audience. No spamming!) to the rescue.


Want to learn more about how we write scripts for video?
Go here:

Jun 24, 2019

Today, I'm delighted to bring on a rising star in the business coaching world, Malorie Nicole.

Her sole purpose in life is to help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners stuck in the hamster wheel of struggle... get OUT.

She helps to create better businesses, decrease stress and grow quicker by becoming the who you are trying to be.

I ask her questions about the 3 top issues facing most business owners. You might be surprised about the different ways she discusses solutions, and so there is deep learning here.

Get ready to take notes as we discuss:

1. Overwhelm

2. Fear & Perfection

3. Scarcity & Growth

4. Communication (BONUS at the end!)

Listen to this breakthrough mindset interview with Malorie Nicole right now.

Then, learn more here:

Connect with Malorie via Facebook:


Finally, make sure you subscribe to her fast growing iTunes Podcast here:


Enjoy this episode of gold, and share, subscribe and review as always! :-)

Jun 22, 2019

Happy Friday...Summer Solstice Day!

Let's talk podcasting & content...When publishing a podcast you have to use tools to help you.

One of those tools is (that's what I use for my podcasting). It takes care of so much... including distributing to the podcast ready "stations", like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

However..., I'm not demo'ing libsyn today.

Repurposing the podcast even broader, say to YouTube for example, you need more...

So... to the rescue!

Check out today's Friday Footage where we publish to YouTube from the podcast feed with a simple click of a button.

Friday Footage is a weekly episode where we demo software and tools that can help you.

If you want to learn more:

Jun 21, 2019

If you love selling more, faster - this episode is for you!

And, if you are trying to get new, high quality prospects into your professional services business, what is the fastest way to get them to speak to you, to serve them, and to close them? 

Traditionally, it's to take them through a "first touch" campaign, then retarget and message them repeatedly, and then cram even more content until they buy.

I'd like to share a model that works really well and shortcuts the traditional customer journey.

Note: this model is not appropriate for all business models, but the key lies in testing and not getting caught in the "social media chatter" that says 'these things don't work anymore'.

Want to learn more?


Jun 19, 2019

When promoting ideas, products and services - you need to convey a message that speaks to the person (audience) that you are trying to attract.

While stories, hooks and call to actions are important it can be frustrating to put it all together.

And, when you review your copy, it looks like the words are not "popping out" from the page. It all appears dull.

Words and phrases are not creating excitement or engagement.

You need a "selling" thesaurus that works as hard as you do.

High powered words, phrases, slogans that give you ideas to provide more is going to create break-throughs in your business.

You are a salesman in print!

Therefore, you need a confident, rejuvenated way of expanding your copy, as well as testing new angles.

I recommend an indispensable guide in this regard; "Words That Sell" by Richard Bayan:


Want to talk about how to improve your copy and get more clients to grow your business?


*** Want to sell out your next event?

Register for our FREE workshop here where we teach you how to sell tickets to events:

Jun 18, 2019

Are you "Living The Dream"?


Let's see what Google thinks it is. We found a dictionary result at the top of the page: To experience the achievement of every success that one has aspired to achieve, especially from a career.

Quora says: "doing what you want to do… or… living the type of life you want to live without any regrets. achieving all your goals. Enjoying the fruits of your labour. Being in real life now who you had wished to be when you were younger."

While these definitions are just a few of many,

Here's what it means to me...:

"Master Yourself".

That means creating mastery from your passion. That means removing all doubt, fear, stress and focus on building confidence, inspire others and become a 100% "doer, builder, creator".

I read somewhere that 80% of the brain is occupied with fighting "fear" and "negativity" (don't quote me on the number). Basically, it's this: if in a 24 hour period you think anything - it'll be mostly negative. Self-doubt, low confidence and brain waves that send constant reminders of much less you are than others (specially when looking at other's instagram selfies) and how far you still have to go, and much much more!

So stop the self-manufactured negative "I can't do it" and push forward. If you think you want to do something, just DO IT. What's the worst thing that can happen? What's the best thing that can happen? (If the previous is true, it means you'll spend 80% of the time thinking of all the things that will/can go bad - and you'll do NOTHING. And, the cycle continues...)

Check out my crappy video inside a bedroom, with a taped up "white board". I used to care about these things, I don't now.

What changed? I flipped it from "what can go wrong, what will they say" to "Dude, I own this! I'm unstoppable. I seek change, and I'm the only one that can do it. The captain of my own ship, as they say".

So, master yourself - and get to work by picking ONE THING right now and complete it. Then do the next and so forth.

Go Conquer!

Stop the whining. Or at least, catch yourself when you're doing it!


Want to see how you can get your message out there to inspire, mentor and grow?

Learn how to run live events (FREE WORKSHOP):


Jun 14, 2019

Videos are all the rage on Facebook...and have been for a while!

Question is...

Are you using videos in your ads?

You should. You must.

Plus, they become even more powerful assets when used with Facebook advertising.

You can use them for "% watched", meaning you can retarget viewers that have shown interest in the the videos based on engagement.

If a viewer watched 25% of the video for example, you can show ads to only these people. You are building a relationship, improving your own "know, like, trust" score.

But, videos should be created based on outcomes and goals.

This includes understanding what content to create based on the customer funnel.

Have they heard about you before? Do they know you, your product or your services? If not, consider that "cold traffic", which means you need to have a message that resonates with that group of people.

It's different for your existing buyers, etc. You get it :-)

But, today, I'm sharing a cool tool - that's what Friday Footage is for - so you can test different types of videos.

We're talking about the good 'ol "Doodle" videos.

Buy the software here:

Let's dig in!

Want some help creating videos and creatives?


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